We offer a full vehicle diagnostic capability using the very latest Snapon Diagnostic Equipment. We can carry out basic diagnostics and then recommend a course of action from the basic diagnostics.

Diagnostic Type
What it covers Min Time Cost
Basic Scan Basic code scan of all systems on vehicle without any repairs just to provide a report Takes around 15 mins £25.00+ Vat = £30
Advanced Scan Full code scan and report plus first hour of full diagnostics. Takes from 15 mins onwards charge is for first hour then charged hourly after that £60+ Vat = £72 first hour then £60+ vat /hour after that charged at 15 min intervals.
Code reset Reset codes following scan (when we havent done further diagnostics/repairs) 15 mins £15+ vat = £18
Service light reset Service light reset when not performed as part of service ie, on spec. 15 mins £15+ Vat = £18
TPMS reset To check/reset all tyre pressures and then carry out a reset of the vehicle system. This only covers adjustment resets not faults. 15-30 mins £15+vat = £18
Emissions test To carry out adhoc emissions test  to MOT standard on petrol and diesel engines. 15-30 mins £20+vat = £24
Rolling road brake test To carry out a rolling road brake test and produce a printed report. 15 mins £15+ Vat – £18
Cooling system pressure test Carry out testing of cooling system under pressure 30 mins £30+vat = £36
Induction / engine systems smoke leakeage testing. Blank off induction/exhaust system and charge with pressurised smoke- check for leaks with UV lamp 60-90 mins £60+vat = £72 for first hour after that charged at 15 min intervals.
Time dependant

The above list is a guide to what we offer in the way of diagnostics to give you some idea of the costs involved and the services we can provide.  If you don’t see exactly what you want or have specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


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