Engine Size
Service Type 0cc to 1400cc 1401cc to 2000cc 2001cc to 3000cc Over 3000cc
MOT Test £54.85 £54.85 £54.85 £54.85
Interim Service From £99 From £129 From £149 From £169
Full Service From £169 From £189 From £202 From £235

Our servicing schedules are produced by Forte and is accepted as the industry standard for the checks and replacements that are required. However, if you would prefer that we use a manufacturer specific schedule for your car then we have these available and will be only too happy to use them on your vehicle.

The prices above are for standard vehicles without using specialist oil or replacing spark plugs.

Modern spark plugs are made of much harder materials such as Platinum and Iridium so consequently don’t need to be replaced anything like as often. Many manufactures now recommend they are not replaced before 60,000 miles. Because of this we have taken them out of our schedules as they would be a needless expense to replace them annually. We will advise if we feel that they need to be replaced and advise you of a cost for doing this job in addition to the menu pricing. As a guide, Spark plugs range in price from around £6.00 and up to £30.00 depending on type and fitting can be anywhere between 15 mins and several hours in the case of the larger engines.

We use Shell oil’s where available and the service pricing includes standard oils for the vehicle. Where specialist oils are recommended or required, we will be happy to price for you prior to doing the job.

Fleet Solutions

We also offer a range of fleet solutions for servicing and repairs Please contact us for further information.


Braefel Garage

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Situated on the A3075 between Goonhavern and Newquay we offer a full range of automotive service requirements for both retail and trade.

Breakdown Recovery Providers

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