Vehicle Air Conditioning Newquay

We offer air conditioning service and repair on both R134A (Old Gas) and HFO1234YF (New Gas) car and light commercial vehicles.

We have the machines to cater for both types of gasses and fully qualified technicians to carry out the work.

We always carry out pre-checks on vehicles including a basic leak test prior to refilling.

For more information on the regulations regarding vehicle air conditioning please see here.

F gas requirements for air conditioners in cars and other

Requirements if you own or service a ‘mobile air conditioner’ that contains hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

We offer the following services;

  • Full service, includes extracting the gas, filtering and removal of any moisture in system by vacuum, refilling the system and adding the correct lubricants and dye.
  • Removal of gas and storage (for example if you need to have parts replaced by your own garage or if it is going into a body shop)
  • Leak detection (Filling system with oxygen free nitrogen and checking for leaks)
  • Dye Injection (the injection of fluorescence dye into the system to reveal slow leaks)
  • Repairs to air conditioning systems following diagnosis

Our menu pricing structure is currently under review but at this time the charges are as follows;

Full Service R134A 」79
Full Service HF1234YA 」59 + 」175 per Kilo of gas used
Gas Removal All Gasses 」39
Leak detection OFN 」25 + labour time used
Dye Injection Dye 」12.99

Labour rate currently £55/hour +vat


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